About Us

Merch Junkie LLC is a small, but rapidly growing and evolving business based in Austin, TX, USA.

Our passion is to make the management of merchandise for social media stars stress-free, more affordable and easily managed - essentially creating Merch Junkie LLC in that spirit.

We are a friendly, enthusiastic but well managed business that strives for nothing but excellence, and most importantly - sustaining it!
Since 2015, we have been successfully designing merchandise with social media creators on a wide catalog of apparel to their satisfaction for their supporters and fans, such as; t-shirts, posters, wristbands, hoodies, bags and pop-sockets - just to name a few!
As a result, we are proud to have served over 6,500 customers (March 07, 2017), with that number growing daily.

Here at Merch Junkie LLC we believe that it's our mission to see social media artists and creators offer a range of professional and high quality merchandise to represent reflect their personality to their supporters.
This is why we work closely on a 1-1 basis with the social media stars to develop a product they feel proud of.  We do this by giving them full control and valuing every client we work with.

With well-over 100,000 website hits each month, we are honored to retail the merchandise on our website on each Artist's own unique page for the supporters to easily find them!
Already, we are a well known and recognized business with exciting plans for the future, and we cannot wait for both our existing and new clients to be a part of it and serve more customers to the highest possible standards.